Bifold Doors

Bifold doors are also known as bi-folding doors, or just folding doors. A bifold door is a door that slides open while the panels fold up and stack neatly against the wall.

Bifold doors can also be called as connecting doors. It connects 2 partitioned rooms. It can also be an entrance door to a garden!
These doors can have 2 to several panels. Ideally, experts would recommend that you choose an odd number of panels to ensure that all doors fold and slide in the same direction.

Bifold doors are sought after by both Residential and Commercial markets. As what I have previously mentioned – they can also be called as connecting doors. For commercial properties it can be used to divide or connect 2 function rooms. Lets say you are planning on having a gathering for about 10-20 people you can just use part of the entire function room of a restaurant which divides in 2. And if you plan on having a big party, say to celebrate a christening or a children’s party or a debut – then a larger room is needed, when the bifold doors are opened the function rooms would become just one. Or it can also connect the garden to a function room which would have both indoor and outdoor feels during a party! This goes the same way for a Residential property – connecting the porch or the garden to your dining area or the living room during get-togethers or a party! It gives you easy accessiblity and flexibility. This makes your home or your business look and feel elegant and classy!

You can choose on a variety of materials for your frame:

1. Aluminium – strongest material, durable, affordable, can accommodate complex layouts, thinner profile compared to uPVC and Timber
2. Timber – elegant but more expensive, bulky, doesn’t offer longevity as it would need replacement in time as it would warp and rot due to rain/ weather conditions it is exposed to. To prevent the effects of exposure to the elements – costly regular maintenance has to be taken.
3. uPVC – needs to be replaced sooner – susceptible to warping, expanding and contracting, frames would tend to look more worn over time when compared with timber or aluminum. uPVC would often have a yellow or pink tinge over time.

I hope this would help you make your decision if you choose on getting a Bifold door. If you already have a Bifold door installed and wish to have it repaired, please don’t hesitate to call AJ Doors at (07) 3180 2344 for quality repairs.

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