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We have been supplying and installing door closers for both commercial residential buildings for over 30 years.
Over this time we have tested and proven most of the door closer brands and can recomend which of the door closers will give you the best run for yore money.

Ryobi Door Closer

Ryobi Door Closer

Ryobi Door Closers give the best value for money without the excessive price tag or the issues that come with the cheaper brands.

We carry sizes 2, 3, 4 and a 2-6 power adjustable door closer for windy areas or where extra power is needed

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Ryobi's Door Closer - Power Adjustable




Power adjustable Ryobi Door Closer Size 2-6




Water Closer For Sliding Screens & Glass Doors



Water closer for sliding screens and some smooth sliding glass doors

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AJ Doors service The greater Brisbane metropolitan area. Not sure if we cover your area? Feel free to visit our Contact Page for more.

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