QUALITY of service on Sliding/Folding/Pivot Door Repairs

I have started to take in call queries for Sliding door repairs for AJ doors for a few weeks now. There are a few who would accept the pricing without batting an eye and there are some who would cough up on the price quoted to them. The ones who would cough up on the price quotation would usually say that it is too pricey or would compare it to other Sliding door repair service companies that they have gotten a quotation from.

But based on the review/feedback that we’ve received – majority of them don’t even mind paying a little extra for some of them have experienced getting the services of other repair companies, but repairs done weren’t on par or may have gotten a temporary solution, however the issue why the repair was required in the first place would’ve gotten worse.
And there are those who would just simply accept the quotation as long as the quality of repair done or part replacements would last longer. And we also have our loyal patrons. 🙂

There have been occasions where callers have already spent money on previous repairs with multiple back jobs done, but the technicians seem not to get it right or seems not to know what they were actually doing so they call us and they would just accept the quotation or charges given.

AJ Doors have been in the business for more than 30 years. John the owner and his son have embraced the modern technology AND combined it with their old school experience which is used for troubleshooting when they do their repair services. Which they have imparted with the other technicians.

We make sure that when our technicians leave our clients’ residences or shops or offices – our customers are very happy and satisfied with the services rendered. No more grinding of sliding doors, no more security or safety issues of Sliding doors unable to be locked… No more worries!

Here at A J doors – we make sure that your sliding, folding or pivot doors are working smoothly before we leave. We make sure that it gets done the best and the right way.

How do I know that we give GREAT quality of service? Well, aside from the positive feedback that we have been getting. It is also the time spent by John in teaching and training me to understand the business. I may be on the other side of the world, but I am being taught and still being trained by John. He is making sure I get the full understanding of the product, the business and especially the location/destination of each job. Who else could be a better mentor or teacher, but the one who is passionate about the business and the one who loves what he does?

If John finds the time to teach and train me… Imagine what more he does in training and teaching his Technicians? 🙂

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